Temporary Work and Other Visas

The United States government does not issue a general work visa to foreign nationals. Foreign nationals must qualify for specific visas in order to attain the right to work in the United States legally.

Sedna Law attorneys are experienced in planning, strategizing, and navigating the temporary visa application process for individuals coming to the United States for employment, investment, education, and tourism purposes. Our Firm assists individuals obtain visas to work as traders and investors (E-1/E-2), Australian specialty occupation workers (E-3), specialty occupation workers (H-1B), temporary skilled and unskilled workers (H-2B), exchange visitor participants (J-1), intracompany transferees (L-1), extraordinarily accomplished individuals in the science, arts, business or athletics (O-1), performing artists and athletes (P-1), international cultural exchange visitors (Q-1), religious workers (R-1), Canadian and Mexican professional workers (TN) and business visitors (B-1) for certain authorized work activity.

Sedna Law also advises foreign students (F-1) on visa planning, fiancé(e)s and spouses of United States citizens (K) on preparing applications to enter and obtain permanent resident status in the United States and tourists (B-2).