Company Profile

Sedna is a planet-like body discovered in 2004 by a team of U.S. researchers. Sedna is the most distant confirmed planetary object located in our solar system to date – more than 84 billion miles from the sun. Sedna is slowly traveling towards Earth and will reach its closest point in approximately 70 years. Sedna is named for the Inuit goddess of the ocean, who Inuit hunters must appease if they are to travel safely across the seas. Inspired by this namesake, Sedna Law strives to ease the journey of travelers from afar.

Phonetically, Sedna closely approximates the Mandarin Chinese pronunciation of the characters or “xin de” which translates as “new virtue.” Sedna Law strives to offer virtuous and ethical legal services to our clients. From helping family members immigrate to the United States to bringing necessary and key employees for businesses, our Firm approaches each case with expertise and creativity. The guiding objective of Sedna Law is to provide fair and honest assessments of individual immigration cases – to deal openly with its clients, providing diligent and competent representation at a reasonable cost.